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HTML Books

HTML is the computer language used in web pages. It is simple to learn, I can't understand BASIC or C+ so if I can do it, so can you. There are programs that do HTML for you, but in order to have a successful site, you need to learn HTML. I know HTML, but I use a program to do it for me because it is faster. Many times I have to go back and hand edit the pages made to make them better.

A book store or local library should have a book on HTML. I suggest you try to find one of the thinnest books available. The lengthy ones give to much information. You can always learn that extra stuff later. You can also try an online HTML tutorial.  Many people have learned from these and I learned all about the new stuff HTML has with these.

If you can't memorize stuff and constantly need a reference, you should get a book. Like I said, the thinner the better if you are a beginner. Also look for pictures as a picture is worth a thousand words.

Creating Cool Web Pages with HTML 3.2 by Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor wrote the original book I learned HTML from. It was very easy to read and great for the beginner, more advanced users will also like this one. Comes with Netscape 3.1, I.E. 3.0, and great software from making web sites.
Includes CD

HTML3 Manual of Style by Larry Aronson
This book is not only a guide to HTML, but a guide to web design. I learned web design myself, but this book might be good for you if you don't want to learn web design by trial and error.

Creating Web Pages for Dummies by Bud E. Smith
Couldn't leave the popular For Dummies series out. This book is loaded with pictures and icons. A very easy to learn approach. It also just came out so it covers the latest and greatest.
Includes CD

Home Page: An Introduction into Web Design by Christopher Lampton
A lovely youth book geared for small children. Does not complexly cover HTML, it is more for a personal page and use of HTML software.

Teach Yourself Web Publishing With Html 3.2 in 14 Days : Premier Edition
Laura Lemay writes many HTML books, they are okay but they lack pictures and interest. This book is very popular, and many people not me) have had luck with it so it might be a very good choice.
Includes CD

Laura Lemays Web Workshop Netscape Navigator Gold 3 : Limited Edition by Laura Lemay
I got this one for $10 US at Barnes & Nobles Booksellers. Netscape Navigator 3  is arcane but if you want to use the nice WYSIWYG program included, this is the best guide.
Includes CD

Creating Killer Web Sites : The Art of Third-Generation Site Design by Dave Siegel
Many people dislike this book, as it is not really a guide to HTML, but it is the best book I have ever seen on the stuff most books don't tell like web design and ideas for your site.

HTML: The Definitive Guide by Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy
Okay, I said to try not to buy fat books, but this book covers everything. I mean everything. If you are going to be serious into web development, this may be your dictionary.

The Web Page Design Cookbook: All the Ingredients You Need to Create 5-Star Web Pages by William Horton, Lee Taylor, Arthur Ignacio, and Nancy L. Hoft
Wow, many people contributed. This book tells the story of how real people made their web site. A very good book as it tells you the real shortcuts and problems. Also comes with some HTML which are not to good but the book makes up for that.
Includes CD