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Frequently Asked Questions

(FAQ For The Lazy)

Many of you have emailed me on various questions which I certainly don't mind. But, a series of questions kept appearing so I have made a nice little FAQ for you. If your question is not answered, please email me and I'll answer as soon as possible. If you don't hear from me for about a week, re-send the question.

Q: Where do I put my site?
A: You sign up for a free web hosting service, which will store your site. The advantage to do this is that it is free. But, you do not get a web site address of Instead it is usually or something similar. Note that this address is with Tripod where you get

Q: How do I make my web site?
A: There are three ways of doing this. First, you can learn HTML and write the web page using an editor like Notepad, Archnophila, Web-O-Rama or any other text/HTML editor which does not save font sizes. You can use Microsoft Word or WordPerfect as they save information about fonts and other stuff which will make your pages look bad. To find an editor, consult your systems manual. Again, make sure it does not save font size and other information.
    The second way is to use a program like Netscape Communicator, Claris Homepage, Microsoft Front Page and numerous others. These programs are called WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get. These programs function like a word processor allowing you to select images and other stuff. These programs can do about 80-90% of what a basic person might want done. I cannot stress this enough, it is good to learn HTML so you can have a successful web site.
    The third way is, some services like Tripod and Geocities already have programs built in there site to do this. On some, you don't even have to know HTML. No software required.
A list of programs you can use is found at:

Q: Where can I learn HTML?
A: There are many books on this topic. There are also some online tutorials and classes on this.
A list of HTML books can be found at
A list of online HTML tutorials can be found at

Q: I see that you use Netscape Composer to build part of your page, where can I get that?
A: Netscape Composer, a full featured WYSIWYG editor with tools like spell checking is part of the Netscape Communicator suite. It is free, and download able for all platforms (Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux, etc...). You can find it at I know HTML so I use various text/HTML editors to enhance it further.

Q: I have made my pages, how do I upload them?
A: Very good question. I use an FTP program called FTP Explorer. FTP is a way of transferring files on the Internet. Note the acronym File Transfer Protocol. Browsers like Netscape Navigator 2.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer allow you to upload files directly from your services site sometimes. This is easier for the beginner.
A very good tutorial for posting and uploading can be found at

Q: My site looks ugly, how do I make it nice?
A: First off, if you have not learned HTML, learn it now. Second, experiment until you find something nice. You have to do this on your own. I went through many layouts until I was happy but I like to change things for variety.

Q: How did you make your web site?
A: Simple. I used Tripod's online editor when I was computer less. After I got a computer, I used Netscape Communicator to do basic writing and links. Then, I used various text/HTML editors like Notepad, Archnophila and HTMLtool. I learned HTML from Creating Cool Web Pages with HTML 3.2 by Dave Taylor. I learned web design myself and furthered knowledge at To this day, I still use Tripod's Advanced Editor. to make tiny changes even though I have a high end computer.

Q: What are some ways of getting promoted?
A: It would be a real shame if you page goes unnoticed. First, submit your site to search engines. Many places will send your site to multiple search engines for free. A second way is banner exchanges. You put a banner on your site which will show a random advertisement. In exchange, your banner will be displayed on other sites randomly. Another great way is to make buttons and banners people can use to put a link to your site.
A list of sites to help in promotion can be found at