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Online HTML Tutorials

You don't have to buy a book to learn HTML- their are plenty of online tutorials to help you out for free. If you are fairly proficient in computers this might be the best way to go.

HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
Many people over use the word interactive, but in this case it is the perfect term. Not only does it teach HTML, but it also gives you a chance to write HTML and see if it is correct. No book can do this.
I love this site. It contains everything from a basic HTML tutorial, advanced tips and more. This is backed by one of the most popular Computer TV shows so it is constantly updated. Great for people of all levels including professionals.

HTML tips for the Idiot
This site is like how I set out, to make an HTML guide in English. Contains the basics of what every HTML writer should know.

Wade's HTML Tutorial
This excellent tutorial was broken down so you can learn what you need to learn. This site contains some arcane HTML terms and tags but that is good because many people over use the latest and greatest software to make web sites only high end computers can visit.

Introduction to HTML
Nicely organized, this site covers the bare basics of HTML. If you don't want to learn the tricky advanced stuff, try here.

I don't like the way W3 plans to rule the internet and stop out freedom of speech, but they have very good tutorials. Your choice to back this up coming evil empire and follow their censorship.

Learning HTML -- Web Posting Tutorials
If you are having trouble on how to post images, music and more on to your sites, try this site. It gives in depth help into this matter.

Learning HTML for Kids and Teens
Everyone deserves a web site including kids. This particular tutorial is 90% done, but it is the best tutorial for someone under 13 or someone who acts like they are under 13.
This is a new site which I found that covers HTML, Web Design, C+ and programming in general. Although it is not in-depth as, it is worth a shot for its valuable information. Note, there is no HTML tutorial. Just books and web design help.

HTML Goodies
A valuable site on javascript and anything web page related. One of the best pages like this I have seen.  Like he says, "If you can do it in HTML you'll find it here."

Guide to publishing HTML and Forms
A guide to HTML, mainly design stuff like bold, images, etc. but it has a nice design and is easy to read understand. Plus it is in my favorite font! (Arial)

Sizzling HTML
I'm going to be fair here- I can not learn anything this way. Some people can, but not me. It is however a great encyclopedia for people who already know HTML as it contains every tag. Again, you may be able to learn from this one, but I couldn't.

Introduction to HTML
A book like teaching approach of HTML. Nicely organized in the common outline approach.

Why What?
This page of resources like HTML templates is under construction.

HTML is an entirely new language. Very advanced, I can't understand it. I'm including as it is part of the internet's future. Beginners should NOT try this.